Toyo M171 Tires

Commercial Truck/Bus. SmartWay Verified Medium-Duty Truck Regional Steer/All-Position Radial tire.


  • Uniformity of the cap and base compound
  • Advanced tread design
  • Wide belt package
  • E-balance technology
  • Stone ejectors
  • Steel chafer bead
  • EPA SmartWay Verified
  • Toyo Truck Tire Limited Warranty


  • Increases fuel efficiency and provides long, even wear
  • Provides good traction and a smooth ride
  • Minimizes growth of the tread profile and maintains a flatter tread radius
  • Retains the tread profile while reducing strain at the bead area and belt edge to deliver long life
  • Help prevent casing damage
  • Improves durability and retreadability
  • Lower rolling resistance for better fuel economy


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