Michelin Xdr3 Tires

OTR Earthmover E-4 Rock Design Traction tire.


  • Interlocking blocks of rubber on the shoulder creating a more rigid tread pattern in corners
  • Improved heat dissipation
  • 4 new compounds - MB4, MB, MC4, MC
  • Exclusive new process of mixing with a superior level of carbon black dispersion
  • Steel encapsulated by rubber prevents corrosion spread
  • Higher steel resistance inside the cable
  • A non-directional tire
  • Easier to manage for the tire shop especially when the tire is already fitted to the rim
  • MEMS ready to quickly and easily be fitted with sensors to capture and transmit temperature and pressure information in real time


  • Resulting in lower contact pressure and designed to reduce wear rate
  • Better endurance
  • For greater strength and robustness


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