Hercules Terra Trac HPT Tires

All-Season Highway Traction Passenger Light Truck/CUV and SUV tire.


  • Optimized tread design
  • Semi-open shoulder design
  • Heavy density siping and groove combination
  • Maximized footprint
  • 50,000 mile/80,000 km Mileage Warranty (T-rated)
  • 45,000 mile/75,000 km Mileage Warranty (H-rated)
  • 45-Day Trust Our Ride
  • 72-Month Limited Protection Policy
  • Road Hazard Protection


  • Reduces noise level and rolling resistance for a more enjoyable ride
  • Improves overall traction performance for a greater grip
  • Provides more traction in wet and winter conditions, while reduced stone retention extends treadlife
  • Reduces uneven wear for a smooth and steady ride


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