Hercules Terra Trac AT II (non-3pmsf Tread) Tires

All-Season All-Terrain Passenger Light Truck/SUV tire.


  • Tough tread design with silica-infused AT-C tread compound
  • Deep areas in the siping
  • Latest generation mold profile shape
  • Variable pitch sequence
  • 60,000 mile/100,000 km Limited Mileage Warranty
  • Road Hazard Protection
  • 45 day “Trust Our Ride” free trial period


  • Delivers enhanced wet traction and prolonged wear
  • Ensure traction performance for the life of the tire and provide lasting aesthetic appeal
  • Creates a more stable contact patch for controlled and balanced on-and-off-road performance, all-weather traction and even tread wear
  • Approximates a more comfortable “grey noise” by spreading the sound energy over a broad range of frequencies


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