Hercules Roadtour 655 MRE Tires

All-Season Passenger Car Touring tire.


  • Thin-gauge siping
  • Zig-zag siping
  • Optimized pitch sequence
  • Enhanced profile shape
  • 65,000 mile/105,000 km Mileage Warranty (T-Rated)
  • 60,000 mile/100,000 km Mileage Warranty (V/H-Rated)
  • Road Hazard Protection Program
  • "Trust Our Ride" 45 Day Trial
  • Mileage Warranty and Road Hazard are valid in the U.S. and Canada Only


  • Enhances traction and stability without sacrificing flexibility
  • Creates more biting edges and reduces lateral movement for less sway and improved handling
  • Allows for an increased number of lateral grooves, improving traction without increasing noise levels
  • Optimizes surface contact with the road for maximum traction and tread life


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