Hankook Kinergy 4S H740 Tires

All-Season Passenger Car tire.


  • Application of two different sipes allows the tire to possess high summer capabilities on the outside and winter capabilities on the inside
  • High grip silica compound
  • Jointless full cover reinforced belt
  • Wide 2 steel belt layer
  • Equilibrium polyester carcass line
  • High-hardness bead filler
  • Ultra high strength bead wire
  • M+S rated
  • 80,000 km Mileage Warranty


  • Ensures strong winter performance on ice and snow and strong summer performance in wet and dry conditions
  • Improved snow/wet traction and lowered rolling resistance
  • For ideal strength
  • Ensures optimal tread stiffness and improves handling performance
  • Enhanced sidewall stiffness and durability
  • For improved handling and steering response
  • Improved uniformity and durability of the bead position


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