Benefits of Professional Installation

Enjoy savings and peace of mind by having your new tires professionally installed by a trained mechanic.

“Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it.”

Samuel Johnson (1709-1784), quoted in Boswell’s Life of Johnson

Tires are not as simple as they might first seem!

  • Radial tires typically contain a steel belt, how flexible is this belt and why is flexibility important?
  • Tires are measured by their ability to carry load and travel at speed. Why is this important? Does your car have specifications on these measurements for tires?
  • If you are fitting different tires to the back or front axle, will your vehicle tend to over-steer or under-steer? What is under or over-steer? Should a vehicle tend towards one or the other?
  • How can you judge a tire’s tendency to be noisy?
  • How can you judge a tire’s tendency to brake well on wet roads?
  • Does wheel alignment affect tire performance?
  • What effect does a tire have on gas use?
  • What is wheel balancing and why is it important?

Is the price you pay for a tire a measure of its true value?

  • Is the tire fuel efficient? Will you spend more on gas over the life of the tire than you save on its initial purchase?
  • Will the tire meet my driving needs? The wrong tire may wear faster than you expect.
  • Is price a guarantee on the amount of tread, the quality of the tread rubber or the width of the tread on the tire?

Are there other factors I should consider in addition to the tire itself?

  • Should your vehicle be wheel aligned? Your old tires have a story to tell to an experienced tire professional.
  • What about wheel balancing?
  • How will the tires I am buying work with the ones I already have?
  • Are the tires directional and what direction should they be running?
  • What are my driving habits?
  • Safety?
  • Reliability?
  • Warranty?
  • Defective Recall?

There are many reasons to see your tire professional. One of them is how can you save money, your tire professional will help you determine the best, most economical tires for your needs.

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